Custom Button Developing

Custom Button Developing

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Hi There, 

We have a store  and are looking for someone to help us with a project. Currently we have the prices on our products hidden and a custom button that says "Contact for promotional pricing" which triggers a contact form to populate, clients fill that out and it goes to the store email address. 
However, we are a brick and mortar store so sometimes we can't answer quick enough. 
The idea is to change the button to say "Text us for promotional pricing" and have that button trigger the chat for our CRM system. The customers would put their information in and we get notifications on our apps on our phones and we can start texting with the clients while they're shopping in real time. 
Any idea how to implement something like this? 
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Hello @meganprince 


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Yes this is possible but need to know which chat system are you using. If possible share your store URL.



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