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Hi Guys!


We are looking for some help.

So we decided to change our template - we have a custom code made for us, but we don't know how we can transfer this to the new theme.

The "Upload now" button is not working on the custom product page.

See here:


We had it like this:


Can someone please help us? We are kinda stuck right now..


Thank you!

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Hi. Just in case it's helpful.

Do you still have the code made for you? When you change, reinstall or upadte your theme you need to replace all custom codes you made again in the template files. So, in case you have it, you need to find the file it which it was places in the previous template, and try to mirror the same in your new one. It's something only you can see in the backend of your store.

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hey under your theme settings in the sales channel you have to click actions and under actions, you will see edit code...

once inside the edit code feature you will see a blue mark as pictured Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 6.27.16 PM.pngwhich means someone changed your theme. you have to click on that file once inside that file you will see on the left-hand side something called Older versions as pictured Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 6.28.46 PM.png  and click on the version that is does not break your site! once that is done, you can click back to actions duplicate you should always backup your theme! feel free to message me directly for extra help

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If the custom code was paid to be made properly it should be in something like a snippet with comments giving some sort of basic instructions of usage.


Looking at your reference url it's hard to tell what's going on as the new theme has many console errors, and liquid errors in the html from missing files.


This can be difficult to quickly fix if you do not have a theme handling process in place either with documentation or external version control.


The general process is get an original version of the old theme then diff it against a modified version of the old theme. This can also be done through version control with git. 

This will give a list of changes that then need to be organized and ported to the brand new themes structure.

The new theme should be checked in it's unmodified state for errors that may complicate any such effort.


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