Custom line item images in the checkout with Online Store 2.0

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With all the new things coming in Online Store 2.0 and Storefront API, is it possible to add to the cart line items with custom images (by custom, I mean different from the product variant image)?

I'm selling customizable products, and customization can be done to a huge extent. It is impossible to create enough variants for all the capabilities, and customers can enter custom text anyway. Right now, I'm able to produce a preview image with all customizations and show it in the cart, but not in the checkout - there remains a default product variant image. For the customer, it is a bit confusing and harming the conversion rate.

Is it possible in the new Online Store 2.0 to have custom line item images shown in the checkout?

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Any update on this? It would be great to have this functionality for stores selling customized products

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Did you get it to work?

Trying to achieve a quite similar thing here.
(And, ideally, we would like our custom-generated line-item images stay associated with them throughout the entire order life-cycle (not just during checkout), right?)

Also, being new to Shopify dev here, would you care to drop a line or 2 on which API calls you're using for that?