Custom Product Configuration With Products as Options and Advanced Pricing/Inventory Control

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We are looking for custom code that will allow us to attach items from our store as options of another item, commonly referred to as "products as options". We've looked at all the apps available which allow this feature but they all pull in pricing from the product/option and don't allow that price be changed or removed. We also use TradeGecko for inventory, so getting the final configured product to pass through with the correct options and quantities is important for keeping inventory accurate.


As an example, say we sell custom built electric bikes with various options (frame color, wheel color, battery type/rating, etc). The bike frame is essentially the base product and has various color options from which the customer can choose. After the customer has selected their frame color, they continue building their bike with the remaining parts such as wheels and batteries, both of which are products sold separately in the store. These products have options of their own such as color for the wheels and type/rating for the battery, some requiring an upcharge and, in the case of wheels, are actually a quantity of two.


So, in the above example, we could potentially have a configured product that includes: (1) Green Bike Frame, (2) Gold Bike Wheels & (1) 12V Battery for a fixed price of $500. However, the customer could also select a 24V Battery instead which might require an upcharge up $100.


Some products may have more options and possibly even add-ons, but if we can get something that works in terms of 'products as options', quantities and pricing, then we're moving in the right direction. The closest we've come so far was with the Advanced Product Options app by MageWorx ( ) but that doesn't allow for the pricing control we need with the products as options.


I look forward to whatever the community can come up with for our situation!

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