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Hey guys,

I use the Prestige Theme on Shopify and I wanted to make for a specific product a CSS/HTML description on above the ATC Button. But now the description appears on every product page (for all products). How can I make that description only available for only the specific product and not for all? Also how do I add custom sections for the product page for Prestige Theme?

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Thank you so much for your help!

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Hi @Shockpain21 ,

I have an idea for you. You can use a special product tag (Eg: show_description) for the specific product you want to show description. Now, you go to your theme and write if condition: {%- if product tags contains 'show_description' -%}{%- endif -%} to show/hide the product description.

I hope it's clear with you.

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Unfortunately this does not work 😞

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