Custom Services App (Connect and Book) through Shopify

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I am looking to create an app that allows users to search and select from a list of people who provide a specific service, book the service, and pay after the service has been provided.


After looking at some of the Shopify plans, it seems like this would require customization.  Is there anyone who  has had experience doing something similar, or could assist me in getting started?




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Hi Mason 👋 


With BookThatApp you could create your services as products in Shopify and import them in the app. You could add "Staff" type Resources to the product for the people/staff who provide that service. The "Staff" resource's operating hours can be edited to reflect each staff's availability. So, your customers can choose the staff from the widget and check their availability in the calendar. Here's an example of what the widget looks like:


The appointment widget also has the option to bypass the Shopify cart ( With this option, your customers can pay after the service has been provided. You can invoice them through Shopify at that point, and link the order to the booking if you need to.