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I hand make dog fleeces.
I'd like to add code to my store which allows the customer to enter certain measurements into the website, and which will then advise them the best size to order based on the information provided.

I'd also like access to the information they enter as I'd use it to make the garment.


Any advice on the best way to go about this would be greatly appreciated.



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Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hey, Kaylee.

I’m here to help. 

This is a great question and I really appreciate all of your details here. This helped me come up with a few options for you and I can definitely see why having a best size to order option would benefit your dog fleece store. 

While we’re not trained in coding, I did do some research on our App Store to find some apps that might be helpful and here are my suggestions:

I’ve seen some stores use quiz apps on their store to help their customers choose a product that is best suited to their preference, style, size, etc. Based on the quiz answers, the customers would get a result that suits them and they would receive product recommendations. I think this might help with what you want to do.

Here are some quiz apps I would recommend:

Quizify ‑ Quiz Builder by Arham Web Works - This has an interactive quiz, and can export responses, and provide product recommendations. 

DXwand Sales Chatbot by DXwand - This app uses a chatbot that uses AI to come up with recommendations based on customer responses.

Pickzen ‑ AI Product Finders by Pickzen - This app connects with your product catalog, and your customers can learn the "why" and "what" product makes a great fit for them, it can help you increase your sales and conversion rate.

These apps are third-party apps created by third-party developers. If any questions or comments come to surface, please reach out to the third-party developer for support and guidance using the information underneath the “Support” section of the app’s page.

I would love to know if this helps accomplish your goal.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Hi Kaylee,

Hope you are doing well.

The Custom Price Calculator offers the capability to fulfill these needs. You have the option to incorporate a size input, and our calculation display can guide users in selecting the optimal size for their order, facilitating price calculation. Additionally, the provided information will be prominently displayed in the order details for easy reference.

If you can provide us size and price details, we would be happy to show you how it works.

You can also check our help center or send us an email to