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Customer address update/create not working properly

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Hi guys.


I created a custom liquid theme and I'm having trouble with the customer addresses page.


I am working with shopify/liquid built-in objects to manage customer addresses (like in Dawn tpl) and although form calls are successful, I do not see the updated/added addresses by the user (not even in admin by going to the customer profile).


Do you have any idea where the problem is coming from?


Thank you in advance.



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I was having the same issue and figured out how to fix it so I hope it helps your case too!


In short, it was because the value of "country" field was invalid.


Using `{{ all_country_option_tags }}` tag gives you "---" in the first option, and when I didn't change the country field on the address edit form, it automatically set "---" to country field and it failed to update the address.

(You can check this on Network tab in dev tools to see a value for each address input field. see the image below).

Screenshot 2022-12-19 at 14.02.47.png

In my case, it was the country field but make sure that all the input fields have valid values.


Hope this solves or at least helps you get some ideas to fix your issue👍

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Hi @morima 
I'm seeing the exact same thing. 
Can you share how you fixed it, please?