Customer Form Not Creating Customers

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I have a couple quick questions I was hoping to receive some guidance one. A client of ours purchased a theme a while back which has a newsletter section. As expected it was using the 'customer' form. This was working initially. A little while ago it stopped creating customers. I worked with Shopify Support to make sure it wasn't some weird issue on their end. We also installed a new Debut theme, customized, tried the Newsletter form here, and it worked immediately. I took this code and moved it over to the client's theme to make sure it wasn't an issue with the code, and the same issue persists. Shopify Support informed me as well that when in customize not all apps are working actively with the theme you are viewing. As in, some of the apps installed may only be running on the Active theme. This led them to believe it was an App causing the suppression of the customer creation from the default Shopify Form.

The apps installed are:

Lucky Orange
MailerLite Email Marketing
Product Review
PushOwl Web Push Notification
Recurring Billing by Recharge
Smile: Rewards & Loyalty
Store Importer
Video on Checkout

Two questions:

1) Does anyone have any knowledge of any of these apps (or others I suppose) that would cause these issues with the 'customer' form from Shopify?

2) If I wanted to test to see if any of these installed apps were causing the issue, what would be the best way to go about this? Would I have to Remove each of them one by one and test the forms each time? Is there a way to do this without Removing them and Reinstalling them after?

Thanks for the help!

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Hi @blackatlasyxe 

These apps not causing issue to creating account. I think some other issue with account creation. Please share your website URL with me.



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@LuckyNigam, my client's URL is

I was brought on fairly recently to help figure out the problem but after going through my process and then reaching out to support with the findings, I'm at a loss. Their suggestion of apps causing conflicts makes sense but I'm not sure the best way to test that theory without causing issues with my client's live site and business.

Any insight would be appreciated.