Customer selects one product (maybe a combo product), made up of multiple skus (for inventory)

Customer selects one product (maybe a combo product), made up of multiple skus (for inventory)

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My product pages have single products or variants, but all have just one sku assigned to the section the customer makes. Shipping takes that sku part from inventory and ships it.

I would like maintain this principle of a single product, but have two or more skus removed from inventory and notify the shipper that this product consists of 2 or more skus.

For example, if Im selling a part, I generally list it as one sku, Simple. But if that part requires 2 screws to mount it, and those screws are a separate sku in the warehouse with its own inventory (no combined into one bag yet), I want to make sure that the shipper picks the part and those two screws to ship together, and that inventory takes those skus and reduces them the right amount.

Currently we can enter in 1 sku for any part of variant, example: PART 101 or PART 102 etc
Is there a way to combine them when entering in the sku number in that field?
Like maybe: PART 101, PART 102, PART 102 (representing the main part (101) and the 2 screw (102 x 2))
Not sure if that makes sense.

Another way to look at it:
Selling pants as a product. Selling a shirt as a product. Then offering them together as a combo.(which requires putting both skus together so that the warehouse shipper takes one of each, and stock goes down appropriately.

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To achieve your goal of having multiple SKUs associated with a single product and ensuring that the shipper picks and ships the corresponding items together, you can consider the following options:

  1. Use product variants: Create a product variant for each combination of the main part and the screws. For example, you can have variants like "PART 101 + 2 screws" and "PART 101 + 4 screws". Each variant would have its own SKU and inventory tracking.

  2. Utilize Shopify's composite products apps: Install a third-party app from the Shopify App Store that specializes in managing composite or bundled products. These apps allow you to create product bundles or kits where you can specify the components and their quantities. The inventory is then managed based on the bundled product.

By using product variants or a composite product app, you can ensure that the appropriate SKUs are associated with the product and that the inventory is accurately adjusted when the product is purchased. Additionally, you can include instructions for the shipper to ensure they pick and ship the required components together.

When entering the SKU for a product, you can use a naming convention that reflects the combination of the main part and the screws. For example, "PART 101 + 2x PART 102" or "PART 101 + 2 screws". This helps in identifying the specific combination and quantity of items needed for shipping.

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Hi @LukeK,

Consider leveraging the Easify Product Options app to address your specific needs. This versatile tool enables the creation of a bundled product composed of existing items with distinct SKUs. When customers purchase the bundle, the inventory of the included products is automatically adjusted 🤗.

The process involves the following steps:

  1. Establish your new bundle product.
  2. Create custom options for the bundle within the app.
  3. Link these custom options with your existing products using the Add-on product feature.

Below is an example:

  • Storefront:


  • Sweater Set serves as the bundle product.
  • Sweater and Sweater Pant are individual products with unique SKUs.
  • Sweater and Sweater Pant are configured as custom options for the Sweater Set product.

When a customer buys the Sweater Set and selects specific sizes for Sweater and Sweater Pant, the inventories of Sweater and Sweater Pant are automatically adjusted based on the purchase.


  • App Settings:





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