Customize Recurring Payments for Subscription

Customize Recurring Payments for Subscription

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Hi folks, after countless hours of research I bend my knee to admit my failure, and thereby seek ultimate wisdom of you, the one & only Shopify Community.

We are a wine company from Switzerland and we would like to offer a surprise winebox subscription to our customers. A questionnaire would then tailor each package to the customer’s needs. We would like to automate this process and find a smart recurring payment option, where we can directly bill them with the personalised order after each separate delivery (therefore no prepayment or yearly subscription etc).

There are 2 critical key points in the questionnaire to consider:

  • Frequency: The customer can select between various shipping frequencies, as every 1 month, every 2 months or even predefined dates etc.
  • Package: The customer can select between 3 types of differently priced packages.

The goal: Customer enters credit card info and Shopify automatically "places the orders" into the system (including desired frequency & package). At the right time, Shopify also directly bills the customer without asking again for credit card details after the first purchase (automated recurring payment).

Any good advice?

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did you figure out a solution for this?