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Currently, on my webstore I have all products displaying a price, as well as an 'add to cart' button on the individual product pages. I would like to remove the price display / option to purchase from specific items in my store, and leave them up only as images/product pages in the webstore with no option to purchase as I would like people to have to reach out and inquire about these items. Can someone please provide me the custom code needed to do this as well as some written instructions on where to place the code? Thank you.

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Hey Allisons,


I can't provide you with a simple copy-and-paste answer, if you're not familiar with coding, as every Shopify theme is different. 


One thing I've done in the past is wrap the coding in some 'if' tags, so that you can add a product tag to the product, which hides the pricing/add-to-cart buttons.


Something like this: 


{% if product.tags contains 'Hide' %}
  <p>Replace this with some text.</p>
{% else %}
{% endif %}


Alternatively, you could always create a 'custom product template' ( which you could then assign to each product you want to hide the price/add-to-cart options on.


product options.png


However, if you do it this way, then the products will still show their pricing on collection pages, so you'd also need to add some coding to hide the price on collection pages (usually people do 'hide price if product is $0' -- and then make those products $0) ... or else you'd need to have these hidden-priced products all within the same collection, and then hide the prices for all products within the collection (which also requires more coding). 


TLDR: You'd need to have some decent understanding of custom coding to do this yourself. It wouldn't just be copy-and-pasting a block of coding (you'd need to wrap coding around the elements).


Otherwise, you'd need to hire someone to complete the coding for you. I wouldn't charge you a lot to do this if you wanted to hire me (you can email me directly at ... or else you'd want to hire someone from this page: 




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