Date of Birth Capture at the Cart or Checkout

Date of Birth Capture at the Cart or Checkout

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Hi experts,


I sell alcoholic and non alcoholic products on my website.


I am legally required to capture all customers D.O.B prior to them purchasing any alcoholic items from my website. Note a simple 'are you over 18' check box is not sufficient.


Is there a way I can implement a D.O.B check in the cart, which would prevent them from continuing to the checkout if under 18 years of age and have that data stored when the transaction goes through?


Also if there are no alcoholic items in the cart the prompt/data capture would not be required


I am currently using the 'Taste' theme

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Hello 👋

This would be possible if you made creating an account mandatory before checkout and then having a customer registration app like Customer Fields or something similar that implements an age requirement on the DOB field.
Note: this would apply to ALL products not just the alcoholic ones. To differentiate between types of products you'd have to come up with a custom solution. 
I hope this helps 😊

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