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Dawn Theme 11.0.0 - Moving social media icons under the newsletter in footer

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Need technical support - I've searched through past answers and added the code below to assets>base.css (at the top). With this code, I was able to move the newsletter to the right side of the footer, but the social media icons are now wrapping around the newsletter. Can someone please help me to move the social media icons below the email field? Thank you!


Screenshot 2023-08-06 at 2.07.21 PM.png


Code added:

@media screen and (min-width: 768px) {
.footer-block--newsletter {
width: 35%;
margin: 0 !important;
align-items: flex-start !important;
.footer__blocks-wrapper.grid.grid--1-col.grid--2-col.grid--4-col-tablet {
width: 65%;
} {
display: flex;
flex-wrap: wrap;
justify-content: flex-start;

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Hello @malin40 


Please share your store URL and password.
So that I will check and let you know the exact solution here.

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Hi ZestardTech,


Thank you for your quick reply, but I am not comfortable sharing my site or password. I have attached the code for your review and suggestions.



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Hi @malin40 ,

We've carefully checked and found your problem quite complicated. So we suggest hiring a developer.

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Hi there,


Thank you for your reply, but I figured it out. I just had to add another social media platform and it corrected itself.