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Hello I am trying to modify my Dawn theme so that it looks similar to the theme Debut in one aspect.

When on the page to add the item to the cart if I click on the main product it opens a larger single image of that product. And if I click on a sub image of the product (back of the shirt) it opens that image up in a larger single image.

What I am trying to do is make it so that when I hover over the image it zooms in like Debut and when I click on a sub image it transfers it to the main image. I would like to not have the large image pop up not happen at all. 

any help would be appreciated and I can include images if that is needed. Thank you

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This is a complicated request.

It will need to change a lot, including Liquid code, CSS and JS.

It will be difficult for someone to guide you in detail.

Sorry for this but i recommend you to hire a professional for it. Refer group: https://community.shopify.com/c/jobs-and-careers/bd-p/shopify-job-board

Hope it helps!

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Yeah I figured. I know CSS and JavaScript but my liquid is really sub par.
I appreciate the response.