Dawn Theme: Displaying the first variant price.

Dawn Theme: Displaying the first variant price.

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Hello, I'm trying to have my products display prices based off of either highest variant, or display what is in stock.  It currently says "From $9.75", which is the cheapest variant listed (but not in stock).  I'm wanting to display what's actually in stock, which as you can see is actually $32.50.


We deal with trading cards so these variants determine the grading of a card (i.e Mint, Damaged, etc.).  I found an accepted solution found here: https://community.shopify.com/c/technical-q-a/minimal-theme-display-first-variant-price-on-collectio...  However, he has a different theme and I don't have the same snippets.  The solution did work for him though, so I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction to help out with my coding.  I basically want to display what's actually in stock as opposed to the cheapest possible variant.


Thank you!

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I may be late but this is for future reference.

In assets/price.liquid check if you have a variable named '

use_variant: {Boolean}

If there is, you just need to render it like this {% render 'price', use_variant: true %}

Hope that helps!
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