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I have a question about slider images for mobile product pages in Dawn theme.

I have 18 images registered in the media. When the last image is displayed, it is 17/18.
If I slide one image at a time, 13/18 is followed twice.

For a product that has 30 images registered in the media, it will be 30/31.
If you slide one copy at a time, 13/31 will be followed twice.

I tried to change the display by setting "slider-counter-total" to minus one.
At first it goes to 1/17, but then it immediately goes back to 1/18.

I thought it was a problem with my theme, so I installed a new theme and tried with a dummy image, but the same problem occurred.
What could be causing this?

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Hi @ss11,

Is it possible for you to share your store URL so that we could check and let you know accordingly? There might be a javascript issue nothing else. We can check that for you if you allows.

Flitzip Solutions

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I don't have a site I can publish, but I'm experiencing the same thing on the demo site.
The 11 is displayed twice and the last image is 21/22.