dawn theme - moving email signup input and social media icons in footer

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Hi everyone,


I need some help with the dawn footer please!


1. I'm trying to move the instagram icon to be in line with the footer menu items. Is this possible? The icon looks out of place in it's current default position. 


2. I'm trying to move the heading ("Let's keep in touch") and the email signup to the left side of the footer so it looks cleaner and more balanced - do you know how I can do this?!


Screenshot 2024-05-21 at 21.10.26.png

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Hey @neji-jewelry

Please share your store URL so I can preview the store and give you a more tailored solution. 


Abhishek from Swym

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Hello @neji-jewelry 

You can try this code: it might be helpful to you- 

Navigate to the Online Store-> Theme-> Edit code-> Assets> base.css -> add below the code(bottom).

.footer-block__newsletter:not(:only-child) .footer__newsletter {
    margin: 0 !important;

 Please share the stro URL so I can provide you with the proper solution.

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Hello @neji-jewelry 


Welcome to Shopify Community.


I would simply suggest you to check this with a dev as this needs HTML restructuring to match the layout same as the mockup. 


Let me know if I can be helpful in anyways.



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