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.de-domain bought on shopify can't be transferred out - support noch reachable

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hey together!


When creating the store I bought the domain directyl on shopify. 


Now I would like to transfer the domain bought on shopify out to a third party provider out of different reasons. 

When trying to release the domain in the Shopify Dashboard it will stay stuck in the state before providing the authorization code for the third party pull. 


1. in this article it says I have to contact the Shopify support to get the domain released as it is a .de-domain and I can't do it by myself:


2. So the provided link to contact support takes me here:

when selecting Online store / Domains / transfer a domain to shopify / "How do I transfer my domain out of Shopify?" I get brought back to the link of step 1 again. 


So this is kind of a endless loop with no chance to actually contact the support. 

Did I just found an edge case of support ways or is there maybe a link to the contact form missing? 


thanks alot you all 🙂 




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