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I have many options available for customers


some find it hard to navigate and I wind up asking them to type the product in the search key.


I would like to have each available size shown on the front page and click on each product size (gauge) and then they can look for the specific load and shot size selection to choose from.


I think this would declutter the site and make it easier for customers to navigate.


Hope I got my question across but if not heres a list of gauges and I need it where they just click on the specific gauge and then choose from there what I have available from there.

10, 12, 16, 20, 28 & 410


thank you


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received a notice this might be spam but it isnt

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Use collection tag filtering 


There's also the new filter system which can filter by "variant option" 

If your theme is old you may need to update it.


If you need this type of customization implemented contact me at 


P.S your post probably got flagged as the opening sentences terse writing grammar is similar to the pattern of how bots are often setup.

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Hi @foxtrot,

You can do it with Smart Search apps, ex:

As it is heavily customized and the Debut theme will not support this.

Hope it helps!

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