Delivery and order scheduling

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Sorry if this has already been asked - new to shopify, is there a way to enable customers to be able to select from a specific range of delivery dates when placing an order?

All our veggie boxes are delivered on Fridays and need to be due to the perishable nature of the goods. I would like customers to be able to select the Friday they want - with a requirement that the order is processed and payment received by 12am Sunday previous. And if I'm able to do this, will it automatically align with ReCharge or would I have to somehow set that up as a separate thing?

Also wondering if there's a simple way of adding a field into the checkout for the veggie boxes that enables customers to specify things they don't want in their box, ideally in a way that it it automatically applies each time they order as I have set it up so that an account is required. This would need to be separate to specific delivery instructions.