Delivery Option Not Showing Up At Checkout

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My store is a delivery-only store. All products are marked as physical products.  I am not able to get the Local Delivery option available at check-out.

Here are the settings I have used in Shipping & Delivery and an image of the check-out.  Note that even when shipping rates are added, the Local Delivery option does not show up



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I'm having the same issue, checked all settings which appear to be correct.  Have reported it to Shopify

Has anyone got a resolution for this?

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OMG same here!!! Been using local delivery and stopped working yesterday!! 

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Also not showing up for my store either and I have customers asking. which means I am losing sales!!!!

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Seems like a big


When I create a new store and set the local delivery up first it works

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So I ran into a similar issue today with multiple pickup locations not showing up at all. I feel like it is a related problem to the Delivery option not showing up so that is why I am responding here. Had to spend the whole day to brute force test it. Turns out somehow managed to get the multiple pickup locations to show up with these steps (your mileage may vary):

1. Settings > Locations: went into each location individual settings and made sure Shopify was validating the correct address. It appears like they are using google maps to verify locations from a list that shows up once you start typing in an address. I am not sure how important this step is but did it just in case.

2. Settings > Shipping and delivery: After making sure the 3 locations were correct, go to the Shipping and delivery settings. Go into each individual location settings. In the "Local delivery" section click the "Manage" button and disable the button: "This location offers local delivery" then save it. Once it has saved reactivate the "This location offers local delivery" check box and save the setting again. then go back and do it for each of the locations in both the "Local delivery" section and the "Local pickup" section.


3. The third step, Products > (your product name): Click on your product, scroll down to the "Variants" section, select the first variant, then go down to the "Inventory" section and add all the locations for that product you would like to have enabled for that product. There is a bulk edit feature available so you may be able to edit all the variants at once if you can figure out how it works.


4. Fourth step is to cross your fingers and hope changing some setting somewhere doesn't break the whole thing again. Seems awfully fragile.

Once we did all these steps the multiple local pickup locations started showing up in the customer checkout again. I would like it if it stayed that way.

Hopefully this might help someone not seeing their local delivery or multiple pickup locations not showing up.... if not well... I am at a loss why you have to manually go into the settings in order to "refresh" things...

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Thank you Andrew, had the same issue and this worked for me! Problem was most likely that the address was not validated well with Google Maps.