Delivery Option Not Showing Up At Checkout

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My store is a delivery-only store. All products are marked as physical products.  I am not able to get the Local Delivery option available at check-out.

Here are the settings I have used in Shipping & Delivery and an image of the check-out.  Note that even when shipping rates are added, the Local Delivery option does not show up



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Looks like this is similar to only wanting to offer Local Pickup without offering shipping, which seems to be hitting the same issue (for new users, existing customers with Shop Pay are able to check out):

The same thing happens where a customer can check out with Local Delivery, but only with a real payment gateway (the bogus one shows you cannot ship to the address).

Hopefully Shopify can hop on and confirm if we're able to only have Local Delivery or Pickup enabled without also needing to have some kind of shipping method. Otherwise they're not very useful options :)

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I am having the same issue, Local Delivery is not showing up as an option and I have followed all the tutorials on setting it up.  Seems like you can have shipping and pick up but not shipping pickup and local delivery.  Can Shopify please advise?


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Pretty ridiculous that we're in 2020 and several months into COVID and we can't have a local delivery option and store pick without having shipping? This is prehistoric. It's a simple implementation

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Hi was this resolved how dod you overcome this issue - I am experiecing the same issue

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Check to make sure that the product inventory is assigned to the correct location. I have two locations listed and realized that my inventory was showing 0 for my default location where I was offering pickup/shipping from. Hope this helps!

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I had this problem until I adjusted the mileage range. The delivery option won't show up unless the billing/shipping address falls within the distance range you prescribe. After I did that shipping, delivery, and pick up options were all displayed. I hope that is helpful if you haven't already found the solution.

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I still have the same issue. Local delivery only works for me if I use deliver in Zip Codes. If I use delivery radius (which is what I want), it does not work no matter what range I use (I even tried 100 Miles which is the max) and the address I am using is only 35 miles from my delivery area. Any ideas??

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I think this is because the address you use cant be found - try to search via google maps. I used to have the same issue but when I used addresses that can be searched via google maps, local delivery option has shown. But when I use other address again that can't be found using google maps, the local delivery option is not showing again. I think this is a bug or maybe a limitation.

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I am having this issue.  Have successfully been using local delivery and then it stopped last night for no reason! Any ideas what may have caused it?  Have checked all settings.