Desperate for Help- Updating SPF and DKIM Record.

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Plz help me-- my email isn't working and I'm in a pointing contest bw Shopify and Bluehost.


Here's the situation.

Domain is hosted by Shopify.

Email (which uses the domain) is hosted by Bluehost.


Without notice or warning, many emails are not sending or receiving. We have no idea which ones aren't sending from us or being received by us-- there's no bounceback.


Bluehost says the SPF and DKIM records need to be updated on the domain (which is with Shopify). BH even sent me the info.


Shopify won't update these for me, and we (Shopify and I) don't know if the records need to be EDITED or CHANGED or NEW or whatever.


I feel like I'm in a circle of people pointing fingers. HELPPPP! I'm dead in the water without reliable email service.

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