Discount individual items with a draft order

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I have both retail customers (in-store and online) who checkout via POS or our e-comm shop, and clients whom I need to invoice and since Shopify doesn't have a good way to invoice customers, we are stuck creating Draft orders to send to clients. My question is- why can't I select a discount from the discounts I already have setup in my dashboard, or apply a discount to just one item in a draft order? I realize I can add a custom discount to the whole order every time, but I need to be able to only discount items, vs labor, etc. It's so frustrating to me that this isn't an option- yet another function that was readily available with Square that Shopify can't do. Please add to the list of features needed to make Shopify functional for many businesses. 



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Hi @Danae_Horst ,

In the Shopify Admin > Draft Order page, when you view a draft order, you can click on a product price there to add a discount for that item :

Sorry if this has been brought up before, hope this helps!


Axel Kee

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Thanks for this, and I realize I should have specified I'm talking about established discounts. We often have 'orders' for clients with a hundred separate line items that need discounts applied and having to discount each one individually, add the discount percentage, and add a 'reason' for each one is stupidly time consuming. Square has a functioning invoice system built-in with this capability, so we're just using Square for our clients and Shopify for e-comm/POS for now. May move back to Square for POS too because I just can't anymore with Shopify and all it can't do natively. Tired of having to pay for an app to do every little thing. Thanks for your help though!