DiscountProvider error: No i18n was provided. Your application must be wrapped in an <AppProvider>.

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I'm getting the following error in my console (PFA).

I created an application by cloning the node template using the following command.



npm init @shopify/app@latest -- --template




I created a Product Discount extension and followed the steps mentioned in the Shopify docs. I've added a DiscountProvider and included it in the App.jsx

Everything builds and works fine, until I use a component from @Shopify/discount-app-components




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I am getting the same issue, if anyone has advice on this it would be so helpful.


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any update?


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Same issue here. Error starting showing recently for me. Did you ever figure out the issue?

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in src folder of react app, the index.js file ,set appprovider component

    <App />