Display of a delivery date and variants

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Good morning all,

We are switching our site to Shopify (advanced plan) after a good ten or fifteen years on a site completely developed in-house, with many features, some of which give us a hard time on Shopify.
For example, we have a section of photo / fine art prints:

- We do not have real / physical stock, photos are ordered and printed by our supplier as soon as there is a customer purchase
- There are many variations for a photo: finishes, frames, papers, sizes ...
- And the delivery date varies depending on these finishes: it can range from 3/4 days to a month.

This is where we block:
how to display an "approximate" date dynamically depending on the variant chosen in the checkout or in the product sheet? Shopify manages to handle this natively or do you have to go through a specific dev?

Thank you in advance,


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Hi @Thomasdgs 

Shopify delivery time is an app from Shopify that allows your customers to choose the delivery date and time for their purchases to schedule delivery dates. Florists, Chocolate merchants, Furniture stores, and other shops whose customers want to schedule delivery can use the Delivery Date Schedule app. This Shopify delivery time app also handles the minimum delivery day and minimum delivery day cut-off time. This app is best suited for local delivery services or same-day delivery.

If you need any help and support you may contact us.