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The shop we're buidling sells fruit by increments of half a box. Each unit in the inventory tracker represents half a box of fruit. 

Now for the product page: 

Is there a way to display:

  • 1 unit (half a box) as 0.5 in the quantity selector
  • 2 units (full box) as 1 in the quantity selector
  • 3 units (one box and a half) as 1.5 in the quantity selector
  • etc...

You get the idea...

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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Opt 1. By default shopify takes whole numbers in the Quantity field. But you can keep a note in the description or under Quantity selector that  1 Quantity  = 0.5 of a box (500 grams, as example). Can even automate this process with custom some code, if the customer selects a quantity of 3, it will show a message: " Equivalent to 1.5 boxes"

Opt 2. You can perform a workout by using a variant (can be a bit confusing)

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