Displaying variants As own products AND creating collections with specific variants

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Hi all,

I'm using the Studio theme for a website. My main product focus is greetings cards. For each product, the artwork stays the same but the text can vary from a pre-defined list of recipients (variants). For example, a card might have a picture of a cake, and you can select the recipient/variant so it could say “Happy Birthday Mum”, “Happy Birthday Dad”, “Happy Birthday Bro”, albeit with the same artwork.

While I still want these to be selectable at the product level (i.e. on the product's page you can choose the recipient, I’m also looking for a way to make these:


  1. Separate at the collection level
    (i.e. the “Happy Birthday Mum” and “Happy Birthday Dad” variants appear as two separate products — say, within a “Birthday Cards” collection.) Ideally, these could be randomised so they're not all next to each other on the collection page.


  2. Able to be grouped by variant
    (i.e. all of the “Happy Birthday Dad” cards can be placed in a “Cards for Dad” collection — even though only one of the variants pertains to Dads.)


Does anyone know an app that can do this, and if not, know how I might go about bringing this to life? Right now, using tags, I can't seem to parse different product variants into separate product cards or have different variants in different collections.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi @CurryCee 


Would you sharing store URL and password if required?


Want to check how you put your variants.

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Sure, it's: https://5d213f.myshopify.com/ — password is 'freelancer'

Someone on Reddit alluded to creating all of the variants as separate products and then using some kind of script to setup the dropdown menu in a way that changes the product when selecting the variant/new product from the variant dropdown menu.

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Hi @CurryCee,

It seems that you've been suggested a solution. Another option to explore involves creating your variants as individual products, allowing for easier inclusion in different collections. Then, utilizing the Easify Product Options app, you can seamlessly establish cross-product links among items sharing the same design, leveraging its exclusive Option URL feature 🤗. This functionality enables smooth navigation on the storefront, resembling the process of switching between different Shopify variants, while effectively switching between distinct products. Also, the switch can be presented through buttons, dropdown menus, image swatches, color swatches, and more.


Below is an example:


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