Do not show variant if it's not available vs the button being 'unavailable'

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Hi there, I'm using the Debut theme and looking for a solution to a variant issue.

We have a product:
Mason Jar Flip Cap Lids


This product has 3 variant types:

Size, Color, and Quantity (pack size).


Currently, we do not offer and we will never offer the red caps in packs of two.


Right now, if I select 2pack red caps, it shows unavailable. While this is helpful to make sure the customer cannot purchase, we do not want our customers contacting us to find out when it'll be "back in stock" when this is simply not a product we offer. 


Is there any way to change this from "unavailable" in the button, to simply not displaying it in the dropdown if it's not available in general? For example, if I select 2 pack, I would want the option "red" to not be available in the dropdown in general.


Does anyone have any ideas as to whether this is something we can do? We have multiple products that may have this condition where the color red is not and never will be a product.


Thank you!

Store PW: clkdev


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By default the options need to exist to customers can flip through the options in any order.




Merchants that need this customization can contact me at with this Topic, store url and theme name.

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Thanks Paul, so for right now it looks like this is only possible if you have 1 variant, but not if you have more than that, is that accurate? I believe this makes sense when you mention the other options being visible, but wanted to make sure there isn't a development solution for products with many ranges of variants.


I appreciate your help!

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