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I have a bedding company and we manufacture different sizes in different styles. The Twin Size is only manufactured in two styles (see chart below).


Twin is manufactured in the following:

  1. The Scallop
  2. The Wave - Blue

So, when a user selects the first option “twin” and then selects  a second option it shows the following below – the three “unavailable” options. I want those to not even be listed if someone selects “twin”. I would like it to just show the Scallop and The Wave. I have already deleted those variant combinations within the product in shopify admin and they continue to show up. Can anyone help with this?

showing unavailable.jpg


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Double check theme settings for an option to hide non-existent combinations.


Search the forums "hide unavailable variants" or similar wording it's a common discussion with many existing answers whose customizations will depend on the theme.


Also see linking-variants advanced customization guide (made for vintage themes has to be adapted for OS.20 themes) 


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