Does checkout object has unique id or unique token

Does checkout object has unique id or unique token

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We have an for abandoned checkout recovery. We noticed multiple notifications being sent for the same checkout to same users. Upon debugging we found, these checkouts had same id but different tokens (our system used token's uniqueness to send notifications).


Further Rest API for checkout resource ( says token as A unique identifier for a particular checkout. It does not mention anything about id. It even gives APIs to retrieve checkout by id, not by token.


GraphQL object for checkout resource ( says id as A globally-unique ID. In the mutations it expects id, not token.


Lastly checkout checkout json from admin panel (Going to particular checkout and appending .json at the end of URL for ex gives json which has both id and token. When we receive checkout object via REST API webhooks (via topic subscription), we receive object which has both id and token.


We found many cases where id was same but token was different. these had same products and same quantity.


So want to know whether multiple checkouts have uniqueness in id or uniqueness in token? This will help us resolving duplicate notifications being sent to users.




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