Does installing a new theme and deleting an old one delete code from deleted apps?

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This is my third Shopify store, and I've learned some things the hard way... haha.

I now know that if I install apps only to find they are not suitable for my user case, if I delete them, code is often left behind. I don't like dealing with this cleanup at all.

Since this store is barely a fetus, my thought is that I can test things and then essentially wipe it by installing a new theme and deleting the old.

To clarify, I haven't designed one thing, so I want to essentially try out a few appt booking apps, delete whichever ones won't work for me, then install a fresh theme and delete the old one - at which point I should, in theory, be starting TOTALLY fresh with NO more old code from deleted apps - correct?

Doing this before I design my site is ideal so I also don't worry about losing anything I need!

Will this work like I think it will!?

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It depends.

1. Some apps will automatically inject the code to whichever theme is live.
2. Some apps will require you to install a code snippet to whichever theme you want to enable or enhance its functionality.

If it's the 1, it doesn't matter whether the theme is new or not, it will still have the app enabled.

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