Does Shopify provide return tracking updates? (API/Webhooks)

Does Shopify provide return tracking updates? (API/Webhooks)

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Hi all, 

Does Shopify provide return tracking updates on return labels/tracking numbers?

I tried subscribing to the RETURNS_UPDATE topic (GQL v2024-04+) and was expecting it to work similarly to FULFILLMENTS_UPDATE, which provides tracking updates for outbound shipments. Just needing to do the same thing with return shipments/tracking, but it seems that RETURNS_UPDATE only fires when the return object itself is updated.

Does this service exist under a different webhook topic?

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I am San from MS Web Designer.


If you need to update the tracking number in the order email or modify the return order email, you can use a third-party Shopify app to simplify the process.




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Hi San,

Thank you for the response. I am actually looking to get return tracking webhooks so that I can start a custom returns process on my Shopify app when a return package is marked as delivered by the carrier. Already have the endpoint setup, but I am having trouble figuring out which is the correct webhook topic to subscribe to, or if there even is a webhook topic for return tracking updates. 

If needed, I could use the Easypost API, but I'd rather go through Shopify if I can.