Does this Exist? - Members Only Discount Program

Does this Exist? - Members Only Discount Program

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As some background, we've been running a Membership program on our Shopify site for a couple of years where various Membership benefits are provided based on a Customer Tag. We are using various custom liquid scripts and apps to achieve our desired list of features/benefits noted below.


The problem is that Shopify is constantly experiencing glitches during the process where it fetches the Customer Tag from the Customer Profile, especially when we are checking for the presence of the Customer Tag during the checkout process to automatically add a free shipping discount code. We've confirmed that the Customer is logged in and our tracking code shows that the code is run to retrieve the Customer Tag but it fails to actually add it and so as a result, the Customer does not receive the discount code in their cart to provide them with free shipping.


What we are looking for in a Members Only Discount Program is noted below, is there one solution that provides all of this in a reliable way? What are other Shopify customers using for this type of thing?


  1. Non-member can become a Member by purchasing a Membership Product - Currently our approach is to add a Membership Tag to their Customer account to detect if they are a Member.
  2. The presence of the Membership Product in their cart also adds free shipping to their entire cart for becoming a new Member. Going forward, the Member always receives free shipping on their orders via the free shipping discount code.
  3. Members get a discount on certain products.
  4. Non-members are restricted from being able to purchase members-only products - Currently Customer Tag must be present in order to purchase.
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Are you using apps or just custom code in your current set up for the customer tags?

Yes all of what you described can be done. I would use an app to do the customer tags or check purchase history and create the restrictions for non-members. Then separately, set up automatic discount for when membership products are purchased (free shipping, price discounts etc).

The problems you are facing could be caused by a number of issues apps, sloppy code, etc. It's hard to determine what would be a better option without knowing the current setup. It is definitely possible to set up though. If you can, please share store URL.

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Hi @storebot ,


Yes, requirement mentioned by you above is possible without using any app.



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