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DRACO support for 3D model loading

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I am looking to create a viewer for my 3D model of a gaiter.  The glb file that I was provided incorporates DRACO mesh compression.   I am able to successfully upload the glb file to the product page, but when I preview the site it doesn't show.  Nothing shows.  Is there any way for Shopify to support and present glb files with Draco?

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Yes, we also absolutely need this. Please support Draco.

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DRACO would be an important implementation. Please have a look into this issue

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Hey @kruthoffer@catmandrew @Unsphere 

Are you still searching for DRACO support. We've implemented it on our buildin3d platform and we have done some integrations with Shopify?

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Not OP, but I ran into the same problem.

Seems like the problem now is that Shopify can't generate the USDZ-files from a DRACO-compressed GLB.

This is the error I get when I try to upolaod a GLB-file with DRACO-compression:


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just happened to stumble across this when looking for something else

In case it's of Interest our application which is a powerful 3d configurator handles Draco compressed models and we also convert them to USDZ at run time so you can view them in AR

We will do a integration with Shopify for sure in the near future