Dropdown Field (Contact Form) responses are not getting recorded in the email received

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Hi, I sent a test email via the contact form https://german.ae/pages/contact-us-occhio-dubai but did not receive the option I had selected on the 'dropdown' field.

This is the code for the 'dropdown' field:

<div class="field">
<label for="ContactForm-request" class="field__label">Specific Request</label>
<select id="ContactForm-request" class="field__input select_select" >
<option selected disabled value="special request" style="visibility:hidden"></option>
<option value="freecatalog">Free Catalog</option>
<option value="callback">Call Back</option>
<option value="quote">Quote</option>
<option value="storedirections">Store Directions</option>



Kindly help.

Thank you.

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Hi @OliverGoettling ,
This is Theodore from PageFly - Shopify Page Builder App.

Troubleshooting tips for the dropdown field issue:

- Test with different browsers: Try using different browsers to see if the issue persists. This can help rule out browser-specific compatibility problems.
- Disable custom code: If you have any custom JavaScript or theme code added to the website, try temporarily disabling it to see if it's interfering with the form functionality.
- Contact Shopify Support: If you've tried the above and the issue persists, reach out to Shopify support for further assistance. They can help you diagnose the specific issue and provide solutions based on your setup


Best regards,
Theodore | PageFly

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