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Hi! I'm having an issue with my navigation dropdowns, but only experiencing it on a tablet (I've replicated this issue on 2 different tablets)  Whenever I hover my mouse over any of the dropdown links, the mouse arrow turns to the "pointy hand," so it recognizes it's a link, but when I click the link, nothing happens. I don't have this issue on mobile or on desktop, just on tablets, though I just had a customer email me saying she was experiencing the issue on a desktop. I have a Pixelbook, so when I use the touchscreen instead of the mouse, I can touch any drop-down link with my finger and the link works properly, or I can right-click and open the link in a new tab using the mouse, but just clicking the dropdown link with a mouse- nothing happens. I am using Chrome as a browser, by the way.
  Can anyone assist? My theme is Fashionopolism and my website is www.shopblacksalt.com. Thank you in advance!
Taylor / shopblacksalt.com 
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