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Semrush picks up my home page with a trailing slash (/) and my home page without a trailing slash (/) and then lists it as 2 different pages with duplicate meta descriptions, but it is the same page?


How do I fix this?


Also, I have an appointment app that generates a URL for booking an appointment and not a page. Somehow, the home page meta description gets added to this URL as well. How do I remove it?



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Semrush sometimes makes up issues.

Paste on your browser the home page url without trailing slash and hit enter. Then copy the url that was loaded (copy the url from the browser) and paste it anywhere else. Does it have the trailing slash at the end?

If it does, the version without trailing slash is redirecting to the version with trailing slash and all good. Only one version is loading.

In general, if you can't actually load two versions of the same page on the browser you're good.