Duplicate product, wrong URL.

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Hi, so I have added over 200 products to my shopify store over the last couple of weeks, many by hitting the duplicate product button to save time on adding tags/price etc.  But I am only now noticing that the URL for the product stays as 'copy of *****'  instead of saying the new product description. 


When I go to change the URL in the search engine listing preview section while editing product, it says something about redirecting the URL.  If I change the url to the new product title for all of the products I have duplicated, will it slow down my website due to many re directions?  And is there a faster way to change all of the URLs instead of doing them all manually.

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You only really need to do a redirect if you were getting traffic to those product pages and want to preserve it. If there is practically no traffic to them there's not much point having a 301 cus no-ones going to be going to the old url.

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Thanks for your reply!


I guess my issue is when I click a product the URL does not match up with the product title as it often says 'copy of **whatever the title of the product I copied**" instead of what the new product title is.  I can change this easily at the bottom of the edit product page but I am worried this will slow down the website.

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I'm having the same problem, did you solve it?


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Hi, same problem did anyone find a solution?


Br, John

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I am in the same boat. The only work around I have found is deleting the products with bad URL's and creating from scratch which is NOT an option as I have loaded way too many products. The incorrect URL makes the collection populate incorrect products on the page when using the search bar.  

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I'm having the same problem. The urls for copied items are mismatched with the product shown. This is not good!wrongurl.jpg

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I'm also having the same problem.  Can someone please help with this? 

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Hey all,

There are some much quicker ways to make these changes en-masse than going to the product pages one by one.

For products, export your products as a CSV, remove the "copy-of-" bits offline, and reimport them. https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/products/import-export/import-products

I don't know if this is also necessary, but delete your redirects if you don't have traffic to them. https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/online-store/legacy/menus-and-links/url-redirect#delete-many-url-... The point of the redirect is that if you have people trying to go to the old url, they get sent to the new page - but if no-one's going to the old url, no need. 

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I just noticed this as well, and it seems to be a bug, If I was looking at a bowl and noticed the URL said "/copy-of-drip-coffee-maker", I would think that was .. odd. 😉 I hope they fix it!



I went back to check for these URLs / re-do the products and just noticed one URL for a trivet that was "/raven-stovetop-kettle-tea-steeper".. so, not even anything about a copy. So strange!