Edit liquid code for order confirmation emails

Edit liquid code for order confirmation emails

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My client has a monthly subscription offer, and we would like to disable the recurring order confirmation emails that Shopify sends out each time a new order is created for that subscription offer every month.


The recurring orders have a specific order tag created with the order. Is there a way to add a rule so that Shopify does NOT send a confirmation email if the order contains that specific tag?

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I am San from MS Web Designer.


If you offer subscription products to your customers, it is recommended to utilize a third-party application that can send notifications according to specified rules, such as monthly, quarterly, or yearly intervals. Regarding Shopify's order confirmation emails, it is important to note that it is not feasible to deactivate the automated order confirmations that Shopify sends when a customer successfully completes a purchase on your store.


These emails serve as the primary receipt for customers following their online transactions, and Shopify does not allow disabling this default notification to ensure customers receive necessary documentation of their purchases.




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