Edit the Select Font function in the Dawn theme

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In the Dawn theme under Theme Settings > Typography, you can select the Font to change it which shows the font list nicely displayed in the font style and at the bottom the weight of the type, regular, bold etc.

Where is this code sitting in the Dawn theme for this function as I wanted to make a couple of simple edits?

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@Sneaky - you can check settings.json file

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Which is located where? I can only see settings_data.json and settings_schema.json


No settings.json file.


In settings_schema.json file I can see;

"type": "font_picker",
"id": "type_header_font",
"default": "assistant_n4",
"label": "t:settings_schema.typography.settings.type_header_font.label",
"info": "t:settings_schema.typography.settings.type_header_font.info"

But where is the font function that displays the font list and the weight of the font setting?