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Hey everyone,


I am currently editing my custom fulfillment request notification email to include all the information my supplier needs. I am at the home stretch until I got to where I have to add the "Cost per item" aka. my cost, unit cost, etc. I have searched these forums and Google without any luck! Below is the current code that I am using. The row for DropShip price is where I am having issues. Does anyone know the correct liquid variable code to insert here to display the cost per item? Thanks in advance. 

<p>Hello {{ service_name }},</p>
<p>Please fulfill PO {{ name }}.</p>
<p>Date: {{ date: format: 'default' }}
<p>Total number of items: {{ fulfillment.item_count }}</p>
<p>Shipping Carrier Service: UPS Ground</p>
<p>Shipping Account: 014F09</p>
<p><strong>Items to fulfill:</strong></p>
{% for line in fulfillment.fulfillment_line_items %}
  <p>Variant Title: {{ line.line_item.title }}</p>
  <p>SKU: {{ line.line_item.sku }}</p>
  <p>Quantity: {{ line.quantity }}</p>
  <p>Dropship Price: $ {{ line_item.price | money }}</p>
 {% endfor %}
{% if shipping_address %}
<p><strong>Shipping Address:</strong></p>
<p>{{ }}{% if %}
  {{ }}{% endif %}</p>
<p>{{ shipping_address.address1 }}</p>
<p>{{ shipping_address.address2 }}</p>
<p>{{ }}, {{ shipping_address.province }}</p>
<p>{{ }}</p>
<p>{{ }}</p>
{% if %}<p>Phone: {{ }}</p>{% endif %}
{% endif %}
<p><strong>Shipping Method:</strong></p>
<p>{% if shipping_method %}{{ shipping_method.title }}{% else %}None{% endif %}</p>
<p><strong>Tracking Number:</strong></p>
<p>{% if fulfillment.tracking_number %}{{ fulfillment.tracking_number }}{% else %}None{% endif %}</p>
<p>Please confirm receipt of the order.
<p>Thank you,</p>
<p>{{ shop_name }}</p>
<p>{{ }}</p>


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