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Email notification translation

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Hello everyone, 


I hope you are doing great. 


Anyone know how to translate email notifications to Arabic, which is my default theme language? I am using "Translate my store" for theme translation. 




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Hey Majed,

the text for the notifications are not stored in the language manager at "edit language". To translate the notifications you have to go to the settings at and change the text directly in the notification templates. 

Since the templates written in HTML and Liquid please be careful. If you're not familiar with HTML and Liquid I recommend using an app like OrderlyEmails

As far as I know they don't support arabic yet, but within the app it's much easier to make the translation for the notifications.


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Thanks! What is a more efficient way of doing it? Besides going email by email and manually translating the text. 

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Hi Majed,

I can also offer our translating app Langshop to you. We support Arabic as well as over 240 different languages. You can add up to 5 additional languages except your default one if you have a Basic Shopify plan.

The only specific is that the app does not handle your default language content. So, you can translate your default language content to any language, but first, you have to establish everything within your default store language version. Anyway, we have a lot of different advantages and powerful possibilities to make your business really multilingual and multi-currency.

To install the app Langshop.

Ask us everything you want to know about our app at any time:

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Does the app automatically translate the email notifications into the language of choice? 

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Yes sir ! It googles translates it the first time (avoidable) and you can then override the translations ! 

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Hello Majed, We understand how much it's important for Arabic Merchants or merchants targeting Arabs,

For that we have developed an app to help you use Arabic emails & SMS into your Shopify store.

Check it at Shopify Arabic Customers Notifications

Still, the Shopify mechanism doesn't allow us to instantly replace notifications in your store, but we have made it in a way you only need to copy and paste it.

Shopify Partner | Providing Shopify Solutions for Arab Merchants and eCommere businesses operating in the MENA & Gulf Region.