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I have had the store in Shopify for more than 6 months and I have noticed that all the notifications that are sent to customers go to Spam. This causes many customers to write to you asking that they have not received any confirmation or anything of their order, and it has a high cost in response time to customers, and in the image of the store.

In addition, another very important email that is also affected is Abandoned Carts. With the same criteria they also go to Spam and this makes the recovery rate very low.

Likewise, the other emails such as the refund, order status, etc. do the same thing.

I've already done the steps I mention to try to avoid this and it doesn't fix the problem:

1.- I bought the web domain in Shopify and therefore it has allowed me to create a specialized mailbox in the style of, which allows me to channel customer emails to my store email, which is an Outlook email. This email is put in Settings / General -> Sender email

2.- I have already done the DNS TXT configuration that is recommended in the Shopify manual. That is, this:

Log into your domain host's account.

Find the TXT record for your domain. Typically, you'll find it next to the CNAME record and the MX record.

Add the following SPF record to your TXT record: v = spf1 include: ~ all

Save your changes.

The incredible thing is that when you send a test email from the Configuration / Notifications / Order Confirmation screen -> Actions -> Send Test Email, it goes to the normal inbox, but if you make a cart yourself abandoned or you buy an item you can check how the mail goes to spam. Therefore, when customers buy, the mail goes to Spam.

I can't believe that all Shopify stores send these emails to Spam. There has to be a solution.

Has it happened to someone and has found the solution? Please, look at this topic because we can all benefit from having a better image and credibility of the store if emails reach customers and above all increasing the recovery rate of abandoned carts.

Of course I have https domain too. 

I could read some discusion about this topic, but I don't find the final solution. 

Thanks a lot,

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Same issue here... I was on chat with support all day yesterday, and after tweaking more than once the TXT records, my sender email passed the tests. But when I send out a Shopify notification, it goes straight to my spam folder. Needless to say, an email going to a customer's spam is a very important issue for the success of my store. Personally, it also shows non-professionality that reflects on the rest of my store experience as well. I buy from other shopify websites, and I receive their emails regularly. I use that email address all the time with no problem.

There are threads and threads and threads on this problem and apparently no published solutions> Support really needs to get on top of this and give us a clear, effective response on how to solve this issue!

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I am having the same issue. Did you find a resolution to this?

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Same here. On 'Chat' now but it doesn't look promising


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Are you still having trouble? What's your domain name?

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I think I did! It took a lot of back and forth with support of all the apps, but now I have constantly been receiving test emails in all my inboxes (I tried with several accounts I have, some with Google, some with Outlook). I noticed that Outlook emails are the most difficult.

I added to my domain's SPF record also all the apps that send emails, *and* my email provider's domain as well, which is Google.

Another thing you can do is open the full headers of the email that goes to spam, and look for the Authentication paragraph. there you will see what passes and what fails - this is good info to pass on to support. Here is an example of the "fail" message: 

Authentication-Results: spf=pass (sender IP is XXX.XXX.XX.XX);; dkim=pass (signature was verified);; dmarc=fail action=none;compauth=fail reason=001

Lastly, this website checks if your domain is blacklisted: . If it is blacklisted, your email/domain provider might help or give you indications on how to get delisted. One thing my domain support suggested (but I didn't go forward with) is to ask Shopify for a new A record. 
Let me know if any of this helped.
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Hi all, 

Now, all the tests that I do, go to normal Inbox. I bought myself in the shop and the confirmation went to normal inbox too. Also, a friend with other shopify store said me that the problem solved in his case too. 

From customers side, I didn't receive any request about this issue too. So, this is good news, because some months ago, many customers said me that they not received anything. 

Please, can other issuers confirm if the problem solved in their side? 

I think shopify solved this problem automatically for all users that we bought the domain in shopify. For users that imported the website domain from other server, they just need to do an adjunt in the DNS set up place. 

Feedback from your experiences will help the community. 

Thank you, 


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This can only happen because of the server that uses the email application. Some email companies have firewall systems that help filter out spam. Your Shopify email address may have been accidentally emailed or blocked due to a filter provided by your ISP.

To resolve these issues, add the Shopify SPF files to your domain: v = spf1, including ~ all.

Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your hosting account.
  2. Search the TXT file by name. Usually next to CNM and MX files.
  3. Add the information below the SPF to the TXT file. v = spf1 contains: ~ all
  4. Save changes

This protects your email from spam or failed delivery.

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Shopify has gone down hill big time. Now using the “Corona excuse”. Discount code section doesn’t even show on mobile. We are all losing and so are they. They were once great. So sad. 

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