Empire Theme & Slideshows Create Hitch When Scrolling Vertically on Mobile.

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Hi there. Our site: Wine & Beer Supply currently uses the Empire theme and we have run into some issues with scrolling on mobile. The slideshows that we have on our homepage and all of our product pages create a hitch when trying to scroll vertically on mobile browsers, seriously derailing the mobile browsing experience. What is the workaround here? 


Thank you in advance.



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I am San from MS Web Designer.


Here is the solution:


I just reviewed this problem on a mobile device and compared it with the updated Empire theme on Shopify. I believe there may be an issue with your theme as some JavaScript seems to be missing. My suggestion is to update to the latest version of the theme and then begin customising it according to your preferences. After this if you face the issue then please reach out to theme support to fix this.


Do let me know in case of any concerns.




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