Empty cart or remove specific products as admin

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Is there a way to empty all the customers cart as admin?
I need it because I sell some products only on specific dates so I hide the "add to cart" (via liquid style) when I stop selling it, the problem is that sometimes customers still have the products in the cart, so I have to clear all the carts.


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Yes, there are ways to do this. Firstly as an admin you must have all the access to all the customers, order, carts permission to be able to do this. And there are apps that can carry out this actions

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Hello @Confuseduser,


The best approach in your business case is to develop a small app that will remove specific products from customers' carts when you need them. As a result you won't clear carts entirely.
OR you can save a product as a draft so it becomes inactive (but this can significantly affect your SEO, if you care and you have good rankings)


Please, let me know if you need any assistance.



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