Error when using the Inventory.csv import

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I am trying to update only my product inventory. I read thru the documentation found here:

I'm wondering if these instructions need to be updated. If you look at the "Inventory CSV file format" section you will see there are a number of columns that, according to the instructions, are optional. However, when following the "Import Inventory" instructions found at the bottom of the page, there is no option to "Click Import Inventory", but when I click on "Upload and Continue" an error occurs telling me the Title column is missing. That is one of the columns that is supposedly optional. 

There is also a checkbox that is not mentioned anywhere in the instructions: "Overwrite any current products that have the same handle. Existing values will be used for any missing columns." I'm not sure if this box should be checked or left unchecked. All I'm trying to accomplish is to update the inventory count for each item and item variant and not update any other fields. 

So, I'm wondering.....are the instructions outdated, or am I doing something wrong? 

Thanks in advance.


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