Exclude default collection "All" from store and indexing in Google

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I want to exclude the default automatic collection "All" (https://storename.bg/collections/all) form the search engine and the ability to be accessed form the url. The reason is that my store is in a different language and I already have a collection that includes all the products with a different name and URL. The "All" collection can still be accessed via the URL and also Google flags it as poorly designed store page when crawling it, which hurts the SEO ranking. 


I tried to create a duplicate collection named "All" with the exact url and excluding it from the sales channels, but it's still accessible and the method doesn't work.


Could you please provide code or any advice on how to nonindex this page/ulr and the “collections/all?page=2, page=3, etc” extensions?


Thanks a lot in advance!

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