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Hi Team,


Is there a way to see the add-on codings we have done on a Shopify store? A former colleague did some bespoke coding and we are not sure to which part of the site. This is now posing a problem to the theme upgrade since we will have to re-code it and currently do not know which area it would affect to come up with a contingency plan.


Many Thanks


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Hey there, Do you have any backup versions of your theme saved? 

One option is to connect to git/github. 

What you can do is compare the original version with your current version and github would be able to show you what code was changed. If the theme was not updated at all from the theme developers than this may be easier because you know all changes are from the contracted dev. 

If you have only access to another theme that has been updated, you can still do this by comparing it with the new updated theme. When you install the updated theme it will not overwrite your site. You can have it add the new theme without any customizations. Then you can still connect to github but you would have to compare both customizations from the first site, and the updated code. If you have a general idea of what the contracted dev did, you should be able to tell which code changes were from the previous dev vs the theme dev team. 

I followed this guide, some steps might be a little different, but this helped me do a theme update that had a lot of custom code: